A Change Is Coming

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The Plot

Inspired by recent news and a recurring nightmare, Jake has the idea to start The Post-Apocalyptic Survivors' Club. With the help of a celebrity survival expert (Metcalfe) the PAS Club grows, eventually getting the attention of the Prime Minster who employs the evil Mr Simpson and his rag-tag bunch of mercenaries to shut it down. However they didn't bank on martial arts expert Chen to stand in their way.

The clock is ticking. This is how it could all end. The film follows the six groups on their journey towards each other with an explosive climax and unexpected twist.

It's a story about love, loyalty, leadership, political intrigue, hope and betrayal. It's a pre-apocalyptic thriller with heavy suspense as the groups fight for survival. It is also packed with cracking dialogue and humour.

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Be In The Film

The film will be shot in and around the New Forest, the south coast and London during 2020 (assuming the world hasn't already ended by then). There are plenty of opportunities to be in the film which is in the planning stages. We need extras, featured extras, walk-ons, supporting actors, and two main roles. Please contact us if you are interested, or have a look at our fundraising page for guaranteed inclusion in the film..


Fundraising - We Need Your Support

With such an epic storyline, we need and want you to get involved! Support packages start from just £10. As a thank you for supporting this great film, you could recive special thanks, accreditation in the film credits, full start credits, IMDB credits, merchandice, access to the wrap party, VIP tickets for the UK Premiere and more! For commercial supporters, your brand could be featured heavily in the film....

Every pound counts so if you would like to be part of this event, please visit our fundraising page on this website which details a few of the packages on offer. A crowd funding page will be available soon with a complete list of packages available.

Visit Our Crowd Fundraising Page

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Casting Call Success

We've had a phenomenal response to our casting call and the majority of roles have now been filled! There are still a few roles left plus plenty of extras needed so to find out more and appliy, click here....




Crowdfunding Launched!

You can vow visit our crowdfunding page for full details of the exiting packages we have up for grabs. You can donate as little as £1 or as much as you liek! Click here for full details. Let's get this film made!

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